Avalon - a unique bed of celtic dreams

Avalon - A fantasy come true - an artform unique and exclusive - the original art of ROGER SADLER - a dream concept as if brought with him from a previous life. Designed and crafted regardless of time and cost to create a very special piece of art for a very special person.

Could this be the most evocative bed in the world? - it must surely contend as the definitive bed of Celtic romance and mysticism from an age lost in the mists of time.

The bedheads are very special. They are made from bogwoods believed to be between 4000 and 5000 years old. This would mean that they would have been trees growing in England during or before the building of Stonehenge and when the Pharaohs were in Egypt - truly ancient bedheads. Representative samples are being inspected and radio carbon dated by Professor Roy Switsur of the Environmental Research Centre Cambridge.

The first is of solid bog Yew - riven and knotted it is sculpted jointed and polished - enchanting and timeless. The second is hewn from solid bog Oak riven and knotted it is sculpted and jointed and with a representation of early Christian imagery deeply inlaid in Holly and Thorn - evocative and stunning.

The legs and side sections are of English Oak with its wild grain and have deeply carved Celtic knotwork undercut to give it life. The Oak with its natural features and character has Roger Sadler's unique 23 stage finishing operation to give it that beauty of colour and patina and timeworn feeling of great age.

The bed illustrated is dressed in Bengal hand-loomed pure ivory silk. Under the day cover is a fully fitted floor length duvet. The pillow cases sheets and duvet cover are in pale cream luxury percal and the bed has a fully fitted traditional English handmade mattress.

Please contact rogersadler@celticus.com for how to receive more information or to arrange a viewing.

Celtic hand carved bed

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A very special bed for a very
special person.

celtic handmade bed

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